Mar 3, 2018 Draw #16

10 of Clubs.png
Terry Mansfield-Week 16.jpg

Congratulations to the winner of our March 3, 2018 (week #16) Catch the Ace draw - Terry Mansfield, who won $212 and chose envelope #49 which had the Ten of Clubs.

The next Rotary Club of Stratford Catch the Ace draw is March 10, 2018 at 3:00 pm. Check the envelope chart for available numbers. Tickets are available at Black Angus Bakery (Erie Street), LIBRO Credit Union (Huron Street), the Festival Marketplace ("the Mall") and also at the Stratford Farmers' Market. Tickets are $5 each. Remember your tickets are only good for the draw in the week that they were purchased. Check our website for complete details and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.