— The 2019 game begins! —

How does the CATCH THE ACE Raffle work?

• Tickets are sold for the weekly draw.

• At 2:30 pm each Saturday, starting 16 March 2019, the draw will take place.

• Tickets are $5.00 each. When you buy a ticket, you’ll write on it the number of the envelope in which you believe the ACE OF SPADES is located.

• The buyer whose ticket is drawn will receive 20% of that week’s sales.

• 30% of each week’s sales will go toward the Progressive Jackpot, which accumulates until the Ace of Spades is drawn. If the ACE OF SPADES is in the envelope identified on the ticket drawn, the buyer receives 20% of that week’s sales PLUS the Progressive Jackpot.
The remaining 50% percent of the week’s sales will go to the various PROJECTS AND PROGRAMS supported by the Rotary Club of Stratford. 

• If the ACE OF SPADES is not in the envelope drawn, then we continue with CATCH THE ACE the following week. Each week, the envelope and playing card that have been drawn will be destroyed—so as the raffle progresses, the number of envelopes and playing cards available to be picked dwindles.

• The buyer of the ticket does not have to be present at the draw at 2:30 pm on Saturday, as that person will have put name, telephone number and the number of the envelope he or she wants drawn on the ticket. After the weekly draw, the successful ticket buyer will be contacted to let him/her know how much money he or she has won and to arrange for the buyer to receive that money.

• The results of each raffle draw will be posted on the CATCH THE ACE website at www.StratfordRotaryCatchtheAce.com and our Facebook page.

• The Rotary Club of Stratford CATCH THE ACE Raffle will go for forty (40) weeks or fewer, depending upon when the ACE OF SPADES is drawn. If the ACE OF SPADES has not been drawn after the raffle draw on Week Forty (40), we have a process in place to conclude the draw that week.

For full information on the Rotary Club of Stratford CATCH THE ACE Raffle see RULES OF PLAY*