caught the ACE OF SPADES!

Congratulations to Hanne Gould, our first Catch the Ace jackpot winner! Hanne finally “caught” the Ace of Spades on Saturday, October 20th, 2018 in our draw for Week 49!


Hanne won our weekly prize of $2,591; and she also won the progressive jackpot of $35,286 for a grand total of $37,877! Wow, it’s hard to believe that after 49 weeks the contest has come to an end! Now for our “thank you’s”!

First - we want to give our sincere thanks to everyone who bought a ticket and a big thank you to those who bought tickets week after week after week. Your support has helped us raise money to support all of our projects, especially for our Club’s commitment to the Stratford Perth Rotary Hospice.

Second – a big thank you to everyone who helped to support our draw in some way – our committee members and all of the volunteers who put in so much time to help sell tickets at our various locations, our camera man Rylie, our website maintenance team and those who helped promote our Catch the Ace.  In particular we want to thank the people at the Bell Store at the Marketplace Mall in Stratford for assisting us in storing our equipment.

Finally - thank you to all the people at our sales locations – Black Angus Bakery on Erie Street, Libro Credit Union on Huron Street, and MacLeod’s Scottish Shop downtown Stratford! We so appreciate the time and space that you provided for our draws in your locations.

Now to the big question … will there be a Catch the Ace version 2.0?  Well, we don’t know yet, but once we have taken a well-earned break, we will make that announcement in the next few months HERE, on our website – so stayed tuned and follow us on social media FACEBOOK and TWITTER for further updates.

Thank You
to ALL who participated!


WEEK #49
October 20th, 2018
Total Jackpot: $37,877

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Draws were held each Saturday at 3:00 pm at the Festival Marketplace (“the Mall”) – centre mall – until the ACE OF SPADES is drawn. The first draw was on Saturday, Nov. 18th, 2017. The winning ticket each week received 20% of ticket sales for that week as well as a chance to find the ACE OF SPADES to win the progressive jackpot of 30% of accumulated ticket sales. All proceeds from the CTA raffle will go to the Projects and Programs supported by the Rotary Club of Stratford.

181020-CTA FOUND Envelopes.jpg